.-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.
'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `
  .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.     .-.
'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `-'     `
Emergency Response Security Group
Elevate Your Potential

Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Bottleneck

Are you tired of cookie-cutter solutions that don't fit your unique need? We offer a fully

customized approach tailored specifically to your business. Say goodbye to long hold times

and confusing consultant jargon—instead, you'll have direct access to a knowledgeable

professional dedicated to enhancing and securing the threat landscape at your organization.

I specialize in Cyber Security with two decades of experience. As We are building a portfolio

local Washington state but able to serve the entire country, I’m willing to offer introductory

rates as an advisor for security offerings as described.

Boutique Cyber Security Services Since 1337


Unlock Growth with Expert Guidance

Strategic Insights, Tailored Solutions

Many businesses typically invest over $40,000 for basic services, but we offer more, for less.

It's true that we have developed a cost-effective monthly pricing structure that ensures you

receive top-tier consulting without the hefty price tag. This approach not only allows us

to earn your trust as high-quality consultants but also fuels the growth of our boutique Cyber

Security Firm. Whether you require expert consultation, detailed explanations, validation of

security concerns, comprehensive audits, or innovative guidance that blends critical and

creative thinking, we are here to assist. Our services are priced to be accessible for the level

of value, ensuring that superior cybersecurity support is within your reach.


Navigate the Forgotten Art of Accuracy

Enhance your Defenses One Keystroke at a Time.

We offer tailor-made solutions and expert insights essential for any business, all at a price

that’s accessible for small to medium-sized business owners. Plus, We're based in Washington State and

come highly recommended! Skip the overpriced services of large firms—let us help lighten

load and provide the vigilant oversight needed at a fair and transparent

rate. We will provide you with custom solutions and a trained eye that every business needs at a

cost small to medium business owners can afford. What’s better is that we're local to Washington,

but we can work remotely anywhere within the domestic United States. My work comes with glowing

reviews! Don’t get ripped off by an enterprise firm, allow me to take the weight off your

shoulders and be the extra set of eyes for a reasonable rate.


Exploit Development

Unique Approach to Effective Exploitation

As an exploit developer, my role revolves around understanding, finding, and exploiting

vulnerabilities in software and systems. We begin by identifying potential vulnerabilities, either

through manual review, using tools that scan for common weaknesses, or by keeping up with

newly disclosed vulnerabilities, as well as identifying unknown.

Writing an exploit requires not just coding skills,but also creativity and persistence, as

some vulnerabilities are complex and require sophisticated approaches to be exploited effectively.


Emergency Response Services Overview

We Can "Trust Nobody" Together


Identify Toxic Positivity within Your Workflow

Balance the Fulcrums of the Cyber Terrain



Twenty-six years of experience engaging in technical leadership, problem solving, attention to detail, as

well as organizational tactics to improve operational accuracy. Prefer technical focus sitting above

incident response, network security, malware analysis and forensic investigations. IMHO, title is

not as important as introductions and position in heirarchy (reporting to legal teams instead of IT).

Creative Math Brain. Formal Private Investigation education, corporate security background. Full

understanding of OSINT, cyber security and privacy realm, reconnaissance, and surveillance. While

empathy is appreciated, We are not here to be your token diversity candidate, but We would like to

tackle the issues that you face. We have great skill (and a brain) which We want to use!

Leverage our expertise to devise innovative problem-solving strategies.

Rhiannon Williams, 2000

 /  .-.                                          .-.  \
|  /   \         -RHIANNON WILLIAMS-            /   \  |
| |\_.  |                                      |    /| |
|\|  | /| Started in the industry young in.    |\  | |/|
| `---' |consulting, webhosting, VPN providers,| `---' |
|       | dialup ISPs, NOCs. I've worked in    |       |
|       | telecoms, registrars, datacenters,   |       |
|       | providers, video game companies,     |       |
|       |network security, & security research.|       |
|       | Cyber Security Professional, Writer, |       |
|       |Detective. Secops, investigation,     |       |
|       |Incident Response, Corporate Security,|       |
|       |Espionage Investigation, OSINT. Grey  |       |
|       |Hat. Blue, Red, Purple, offensive,    |       |
|       |and defensive. Excellent Strategist.  |       |
|       |                                      |       |
|       |    Twenty-Six Years Experience.      |       |
|       |--------------------------------------|       |
\       |                                      |       /
 \     /                                        \     /
  `---'                                          `---'
Rhiannon Williams, Emergency Response Security Group

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ProBono Victim Services

Available for booking 01-01-2025!


Cutting Edge Security Research

Complex Investigations, IOC's, and Malware Deep-dives.

Indicators of Compromise

Evolving Threats are Always a Constant

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving,

making it important for organizations and individuals to stay updated via

any means neccesary. Our Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Dataset is

intended to provide you with actionable items on our research.

Project Sudden Exit